The Wedding

Ive finally gotten a chance to type about the wedding! Im not sure
how much detail Ill go into, but I will refer you to Dads blog for
his take on it. As a couple of previous posts that I have put up,
there are pictures. Just as an aside, as I type, we are speeding
along the Ohio Turnpike to the National Youth Workers convention this
year in PIttsburgh.

Okay, so people kept asking whether I was nervous. I was nervous only
in the respect that we were trying to pull together all of the things
we were planning. Also, at the same time, the Emmaus community that
Mary and I belong to, was putting on the Mens Walk that weekend in
Alpena. Im one of the two housing coordinators, and second one just
came on the board of directors a couple weeks before. So I was trying
to plan two things at once.

Thursday night, was the rehearsal. That went well with Pastor naile
and Pastor Hawkins guiding us through the ceremony. Mom, Dad, Amy,
Bren and the boys all came in during the afternoon and were there.
This was great fun, although, my nerves, began to get the better of
me, taking my appetite.

Friday, Paul Block and I and Lisa Block and Mary all went out and
finished the last minute things. By the time I got home, it was 400
pm I tried to relax, but had to turn around and head off to the
church around 530 pm to be there by 600 pm to begin the process. When
I got to the church I realized that I had no undershirt. I called M&D
to bring one. I was the last one of the wedding party to get dressed.

The time came for us to get into position. Mike Cooper (my best man),
Paul Block, and I were put into the sachristy to wait for Mary and
her bridesmaids (both of them her dauthers) to get into their
postion. The time came and Rev. John came into the room and lead us
out. We moved out and stood in postion. Only 9am and Joanna Bozin
were playing beautifully, as first Karlie and then Trisha walked up
the aisle and into place. Then Joanna and Dan played the wedding
march and in came Mary and Kaleb. My heart leapt as I saw here in her
dress and realized that this was all of God.

Kaleb gave away his mother by saying that our family does. How true.
The kids have allowed me into their lives and have approved of their
mothers choice of husbands.

The rest of the wedding, wasnt a blur, but it would sound kind of
robotic, saying next we resited the vows, then we lit the unity
candle. Needlless to say, that we are now hitched. It was a beautiful
service. The next 2 hours were a blur as we talked to family and
friends, before heading to Marsh Ridge resort for the night.

The next morning, we drove back to the house and saw both sides of
the famly and had brunch. Then slowly, people began to leave and
suddenly the two of us were left. We then packed up again and drove
to Alpena.

Now dont think that we were there to help with the walk for our
honeymoon. Rather, we went to the Emmaus candlelight service and
celebrated the place that we first met. Yes two years ago when the
walk was held in Alpena Mary and I first met. We didnt start courting
until a year later, but we both gave it up to God, that if we were to
get together He would make it happen. Of course, I say that knowing
that we barely talked two years ago and neither expressed that we
found each other cute.

So that was the wedding and now we start the rest of our lives.

Jeff Lutz

The Wedding

  1. Tom says:

    Glad you and Mary have some time away together…enjoy. We will be staying at Young State Park Friday thru Monday next weekend. See you then.

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