Wedding Pics!!!!!!!

While I was working, Mary uploaded the pictures to Flickr. So take a look!

Wedding Pics!!!!!!!

  1. Tom says:

    Cool…up early and ready to share the memories.

    God Bless,

  2. Paul says:

    I thought there was too much of you and Mary and not enough of me. It’s not like this was your day or anything


  3. SLB says:

    Great Pictures! Congratulations to both of you! Your love shows in the pictures! Glad you got married on Friday , so Amy had time for me on Sunday! 😉


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey Jeff
    Not sure if I’m doing this right…this blog thing is all new to me. Just wanted to say I am sorry we couldn’t make the wedding. As you know we just moved to Florida and I just started a new job. If you and Mary are ever looking for a vacation spot…we have a spare bedroom. You really look happy in the photos. I pray that you will enjoy a long and happy life together. Hope you got the card. I had it all fixed and then forgot to mail it. Looking forward to visiting with your parents and having them tell me who all the people in the picture are. Love always Dana & Willie

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