The Youth Worker Convention (Travel day)

As I type this, we are travelling to Pittsburgh for the National
Youth Workers Convention. Mary and I are in the truck and Paul and
Lisa are in their car. We left this morning about 1130 am. A little
later than we wanted to, but we are underway. It has been a pretty
good day of travel as we have FRS radios to talk to each other. We
realized that we have tomorrow off, so we can sleep in, before the
convention starts.

I always look forward to these conventions, besides listening to the
seminars about youth ministry, this is a time for me to take a rest
before the wnter season at work. Mary and I were looking forward to
this before we got married anyway, but now we are married, so this is
kind of like another mini-honeymoon.

The one thing about the convention I like is the contemplative prayer
services that are available (I know John Wesley meditated, but I
think at times I am a closet Quaker). This has always been a great
time to get recentered.

I will be blogging about this as the weekend goes on this weekend, so
stay tuned for details….

Jeff Lutz

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