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I haven’t done anything meteorological in the blog in the last few posts. So, here are a couple of things that I have run across for tropical weather.

Stormtrack blog this is a great site if you like to track hurricanes. I’m not sure if they are a professional meteorologist or a very informed amateur (some of them are better than some professional mets I know) but they update the site pretty regularly. Especially, if a storm is threatening the U.S.

The other is a podcast of tropical weather at They have a podcast to subscribe to if you want to listen to it through through your mp3 player. They also have links to their streaming site Radio I don’t typically subscribe to this one unless I want updates on a storm that is threatening the coast and I’m not going to be able to get to the computer to review the products from the Hurricane Center or I’m working, which means I can see everything that they have issued.

I need to revamp my weather web page, to incorporate some of these links to that i can refer people to the links without them having to go through all of my blog pages. Maybe sometime in a couple of months.

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