Christian Action and Met – Katina’s making waves

I was just reading Wesley blog and felt I should comment on this.

As a meteorologist, I can fully appreciate a strong to extreme hurricane and the power that is wrapped up in it. While I was in college, I used to think about tornadoes and what it would be like to see one. Everyone has these romantic notions about these awesome act of nature. However, there is a toll that is paid by the people that it affects. Somewhere during my second year at Penn State, as I sat in on a tornado chasing seminar, when the professor talked about being a gloom and doom meteorologist is fine until you find the doll of some kid’s that is out in a field of debris and you realize that there is a human cost. The same thing is true about Hurricanes.

I was watching footage on the 700 Club this morning, which showed the interview from a local TV station in Mississippi, of a distraugt husband and father who had lost his wife when their house broke in two and she was swept away. He had his three boys with him. All four looked like they were in shock. As he relayed the story to the tv reporter, she was having trouble holding it together. So with that human face on the tradgedy, I throw out these links for disaster relief.

Salvation Army
American Red Cross
Operation Blessing

I know that each are helping with the cleanup and recovery efforets.

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