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I ran into this story yesterday, but then saw this on My Yahoo! this morning again and felt that I needed to comment on it. After reading this, you will understand that I am not necessarily right or left of center on the political spectrum, because just as you hear me say something like why I supported sending troops to Iraq (see my previous post here) then I write something like the following.

One of the things that I hear from politically conservative people is why we should fight for Iraq and support the troops and the president. That’s all well and good, and I do (my own cousin is in Iraq right now), but we have to realize that there are costs to everything we do. Just because Saddam was biding his time to become a major player again and we go in and kick his butt out, doesn’t excuse us from not helping the civilians that have been caught in the war and hold the military accountable. I support organizations that try to do just that. I didn’t know about this particular organization, but from reading its website, I would have supported it. I may still donate to it in the future.

One way they were trying to keep the military accountable was trying to get the reports of civilian casualties. I’m not a big numbers person, because behind each number is a person. However, we should all be informed and remember that we have brothers and sisters that we need to watch out for (Matthew 25:31-46), no matter who they are.

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