General Ministry – Big or small, things are the same just different scales

I’ve been contemplating another name change to the blog (The first was from Jeff’s Blog to the current title). This time I would just take the word Youth out of the title. The reason that I am contemplating this would be that the more I study youth ministry, the more I realize that it is just ministry, and that adults have the same hurts and desires as the junior and senior high students. Sometimes the adults, don’t act much different than the kids (Read my dad’s human resources blog to see my point).

An analogy to this is in meteorology(I have to work weather in there somewhere). When I would study smaller scales of meteorology, like say thunderstorms. In the met profession thunderstorms are in the mesoscale size. You could see, if you mapped out the temperatures and the surface pressure surrounding a thunderstorm, that it looked just like the weather maps on TV with the cold fronts and low pressure systems. I’m beginning to see similar things in ministry.

You see, for the most part, that each generation suffers from the same sort of things, like inflated egos and competition to the point that everyone becomes very self-centered. That’s just the way sin is. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you are doing something that you think will get you ahead, usually at the expense of the next guy. In youth ministry, you deal with kids that are trying to find their way in the world, usually using whoever they can in school to find some way to fill that hole that is all of us. In adult ministry, you are dealing with adults that put themselves first thinking that they can use whoever, to fill that hole that is in all of us. The only difference is the size of the problems and how we try to accomplish finding “happiness.”

So while I am still rooted in youth ministry, I have begun to try and help young adults and adults closer to my age with their problems. So ministry of all ages. Which leads to me contemplate my original calling. I’m not sure that it is just youth ministry that I will be in, but just general ministry. I think that, maybe, just helping youth pastors and directors sort out where God is moving in the background while they minister to the youth. We will see, but the same feeling that I have had for about the last 3-5 years is that sometime in the future, I will be out of the meteorology business and in some sort of full time ministry. God will show the way.

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