A New Podcast in the Works

I’m going to attempt a new podcast in the upcoming months. I’m a little slow on the uptake on getting things done, but it seems like the resources that I need are coming together for me get the hardware and software that I need to do a good job.

The hardware:

In a stroke of bad luck, I broke a pin on the power supply plug for my 4 channel mixer. 🙁 While looking for a replacement power supply, I discovered that the supplier was having an end of summer clearance sale on their equipment. So, since Mary and I had the money (we discussed this purchase so that she approved it), I got a 12-channel mixer for a little more than it looked like I was going to have to pay for a power supply on my old mixer.  Not only is it a 12 channel mixer, but it has digital effects built into it so you can make things sound a little more “professional.” It also doubles as a mixer for our church on Sundays, giving us more inputs on the soundboard/amp that we use now.

After vacation and some rest, I was feeling urged on that this podcast needs to be started soon. I began looking for my missing pieces. Headphones, microphone, and some cables. Well, since Behringer sold me the mixer on sale, I looked and found a microphone and headphones on sale, add on a windscreen for a pop filter and 15′ of xlr cable and I spent another $50 bucks. So far so good. That stuff will be here on Wednesday. I have a couple more cables to get, to route the sound into the sound card on my computer.

So the hardware is almost complete.


Looks like Audactiy which I have used in the past will be my recording software. I just have to look into whether I will have to pay for the codec for high quality mp3s to encode this thing.

I also found a free program that acts as a compressor to level out the volume settings. This will be needed if the future that I have “seen” has Mary and I getting into more podcasts and what those formats will be.

The plan:

Well, this is for our high school students. I’m going to put together a podcast of reading the Bible through high school. So in 4 years they will be through the Bible. Slow? maybe, but the idea is to be able to have short casts of Bible reading and some commentary during the school year, with the goal that they will get through the bible by the time they are graduating. I have a plan and a format in my head. I have to get everything together and so that this will work.

A New Podcast in the Works

  1. UMJeremy says:

    I have the same mixer for my church, love it. The shell case is really handy for hauling it around with the cables inside it.

  2. jeff says:

    Yeah, it works great for our church plant that my wife and I are a part of.

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