I think the difference will be that the anger will be suppressed. I’m not sure that you will see the Obama equivalent to the Bush derangement Syndrome. Not to mention, I doubt you will see someone making movies about assassination fantasies from the right. Not that I care. I would prefer everyone in the middle.

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KATIE GRANJU NOTES a reporter at MSNBC covering for Obama. “I think McCain should find more meaningful things to talk about on the campaign trail. But to many Americans, the Ayers issue is not insignificant, and it’s not up to the reporter writing a supposedly straight news piece to take a point of view on the matter. I don’t see the biased reporting by the “liberal mainstream media” behind every tree that a lot of conservatives do, but I will call it when I do see it. And I see it here.”

I’m afraid that the way the media is covering for Obama is generating a lot of anger that will make it harder of Obama to govern if elected. Some may see this as a plus, but I see it as furthering the already excessive polarization in our society. I think the media tilt, and the ACORN controversy (which are connected, of course), will be for a lot of people on the right what the Florida recount was for a lot of people on the left.

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