Big Ticket Festival expanding to 3 days next year

I’m glad to see that the Big Ticket will go to 3 Days. We can’t go to Ichthus do to cost, so It’s great to have some of the rock groups come here.

GAYLORD — Organizers of Gaylord’s Big Ticket Festival are bumping the Christian rock event up from two to three days for 2009 and are again asking the city if they can use a vacant lot as a camping area for concert-goers.

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Big Ticket Festival expanding to 3 days next year

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello – Big Ticket is very hard to get a hold of. No news about camping next year available yet. Is there a Gaylord phone number that you can call for info?

  2. Randy says:

    I hope Gaylord is not giving them a hard time. Their website should be updated soon. Campsites go on sale December 1st.

  3. Roger says:

    14 days before campsites are available and still no news on website!

  4. Randy says:

    Big Ticket e-mailed me the following info:
    We will have all our camping information updated on the web by the end of the day on Wednesday. And yes, we will be asking for trailer sizes. Our website launch will be coming December 1 with all our updated information, make sure and check it out!

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