A Full Rich Day

It was a busy day for me. I’m on my midnights this week, and just started them on Friday morning. Well, I took Kara and Dustin to Detroit to fly home to Las Cruces (near El Paso, TX). We left around 2 am and got into DTW around 620 am. Their flights didn’t leave until around 8am with Kara’s around 840 am. I got them on their way and by 645 am was heading back to Gaylord. I did well staying awake until I hit my normal spot, between Gaylord and Boyne Falls. I got out my handy pack of chewing gum and got home around 1045 am. I took the garbage to the dump, then got home and got to sleep by 1100 am. I woke up a couple of times, but slept pretty well through to 800 pm. Whew…

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