Busy Memorial Weekend

Happy(?) Memorial Day! (I’m never sure if you are happy remembering people who died in the wars of the US.)

Mom called the other day and I haven’t gotten back to the family. Sorry! I’ll get a call in soon. If you have read Mary’s blog, you know that we picked up Brandon and he is here. Saturday, after we dropped off Karlie for her trip to NYC with her band, then back to the house where Kaleb and his girlfriend; Ben, Trisha, and Ethan; and Brandon were here. We were busy all day. Yesterday we went to church, ate out (!) and then dropped by Ben and Trisha’s for a bit. Before napping and then over to Trisha’s inlaws for a bon fire. I might blog on some insights from the sermon yesterday. I’m still formulating the freedom from and our job to help those that are imprisoned in my head kind of idea, balanced by the tension of non violence. Check out our Flickr page to see some recent pictures of the E man.

Busy Memorial Weekend

  1. Anonymous says:


    sounds like you had a good Memorial Day. Just so you know the link to Mary’s blog does not take you to Mary’s blog. It takes you to some other site.


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