Brandon’s first couple of days

It’s been pretty good with Brandon here. We got his room ready and “closed” off. I’ll get a picture of it some time. He is very gracious about being here, at the house, and we have had good discussions about what he wants to do and what some of his next steps will be. The two of us were relating to each other on the way back from his probation officer about things and how the Bible describes the same things, like what it means to be free. He pulled out his Bible, which I didn’t realized he brought with him and said that he liked the way that the Message Bible translates Galatians 5:19. He has come a long way from last year at this time.

Otherwise, our Memorial Day was spent with the Ben, Trisha, Ethan, Brandon, Kaleb, and Tishia coming over and Ben and I grilling burgers and potatoes, playing volleyball and then having a bonfire in our newly expanded fire pit.

Karlie arrives today from NYC. They were supposed to see the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway last night before boarding the bus and driving 16 hours back home. Mary is coming home early so that we can gather everyone this afternoon, just in case Karlie’s bus gets back when I’m picking up Kaleb from school.

Tomorrow is another big day with Kaleb taking his road test for his driver’s license and Brandon has a short court date in Emmet county.


Brandon’s first couple of days

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