New Electronic Gadgets

Recently, we upgraded a few things, or maybe we should say added to our gadgets.

One was an inexpensive mp3 player for Mary. She used to use an old CD player that I had, until it finally died. She has been going on radio for probably 6 months. She recently asked about a new CD player and I said mp3. After I told her at that there are inexpensive mp3 players (we got one for $40) and she can update it pretty easily she was sold. The high point with it so far was when the four of us (Kaleb, Karlie, Mary, and I) were coming back from the Cherry Festival on Monday night, singing at the top of our lungs to Delirious.

The Second was partly for Mary’s new job, but this is something I’ve wanted get for a while; a new router. We picked up a Belkin wireless G at Wal-mart for $40 bucks as well. I finally got the wireless to work with my PDA. We thought Mary’s Laptop that Wells Fargo gave here was wireless, but it isn’t, no problem. There are 4 wired ports on the router, so we both can be on the computers at the same time. I’ve asked her to check to see if we can buy a PC card for the laptop to make it wireless so we don’t have string the ethernet cable.

In a related thing, I’ve been getting into Google’s products as of late. I’ve been using their RSS reader for a while now, and their personalized home page. Now they have added the RSS reader and personalized page to the mobile/wireless. Yahoo, has also updated their mobile page for their mail and news access, so I can do a fair amount of things online with my PDA.

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