Fire Weather Conference update

Things are going along, well. Most of this conference has been pretty good, however, there have been a few talks that have been less than interesting to me. As someone who works operationally in meteorology sometimes the research people don’t always communicate the ideas in a clear fashion. While I understand, them sometimes I fail to see how this will apply in an operational setting (i.e. forecasting).

Currently, I am sitting in on a talk about the climotology of the Haines index. This one is very good, and has lots of applications. I need to get this data to our forecasters.

Fire Weather Conference update

  1. coll3ge_buzn3ss says:

    Hopefully you get this soon as I ran across your blog in a search for my college presentation and consider it to be truly a miracle. I am doing a study on Fire Weather, both weather that causes fires and weather caused by fires (this one was soemthing my professor mentioned but of which I havent found anything). You seem to know a lot so Im thinking maybe you can tell me things that dont seem to be anwyhere else about this topic. What kinds of weather do fires cause? Id really appreciate if you have any information on this- you can either email me at or post on my blog and I will check back later, thank you. If you are too busy to try to help me, I will understand too, thank you.

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