One of my favorite bands – Project 86

P86 is one of my favorite bands. I learned of them back in the day of when I would by compilation albums of artists that are Christian, but the style of the music is somewhat more, shall we say, obnoxious. 😉 Having grown up listening to the hair bands of the 80s and that moved me into the hard core and punk scene of the 90s and now the 2000’s, I just have not grown up musically. Not that I don’t listen to classical or baroque music or slower things, but fast and loud has always been my thing. So when the Bored Again Christain podcast played one of their songs from the latest album, I perused the Project 86 website and found this explanation for the title of their current tour, “Hammer and Blades.”

The title for the tour and the artwork is based upon the need for us to confront our past, our mistakes, our sin, with resolve…meaning to kill our old nature. The headless man…taken from the lyrics “Off With Your Head” (Sincerely, Ichabod…Track 1 from our latest album)…is to symbolize the need for a definite end to all that hinders us.

Music I like with thoughtful lyrics, that’s why I like the trend of Christian music.

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