It’s been a while…

Things have been busy again. Once we finished the Emmaus walks a few weeks ago, I thought things would slow down, but I have found out different. Being the board president, I am tasked with getting calling potential lay directors and pulling together the team selection committee to put together the teams for the next set of walks in September. Planning has never been my strong suit, so I know I have to get these things done before the next board meeting, or I’ll really be in trouble, not necessarily by the board, but the fact that it will put the new teams at a disadvantage with less time to prepare and putting together the walks is a big task.

Otherwise, Paul Block, the youth pastor at First UMC here in Gaylord, gave Mary and I Thursday night off from the Jr High Youth, which allowed Mary and I to celebrate our 6 month anniversary (I asked and this is the only 6 month one we will have to celebrate).

Time has flown by since getting married. Kaleb and Karlie are doing well, with this, but keep asking when we are going to move to Boyne. Mary and I are working on that. Hopefully, this summer it will take place. Brandon is doing pretty good, but with him living in Petoskey we don’t see him as often. Ben and Trisha, if you haven’t read Mary’s blog recently are expecting their first child, which means I’ll be a Grandfather in about 6 more months. Things are going well with the expectant mother and the father is excited. So are Mary and I.

I hope to put together another What I believe post soon as the confirmation class progresses and I have come into posession of a couple of books on doctrine and theology which has become a recent facination of mine. Mainly, because as I listen to different points of view from different schools of thought in Chrisitanity (a lot has to do with Emmaus and the various churches we serve) I have wanted to see what are the differences, if for nothing else to understand the others when there are disagreements.

That’s about it for now. Type at y’inz later.

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