Walmart, hard decisions

I have read both pro and con on Walmart. The con of Walmart, I read about at A Different Perspective. The pro of Walmart, I have read about from other business sites. And I have heard both pro and con on Fox News. I remained undecided about them, not sure of what I was the chain or what was individual stores with managers trying to make the headquarters happy. However, lately, I am beginning to sour on the place due to a couple of instances that have affected people that I now. Mary and I have been becoming less Walmart and more Kmart and Glen’s customers as of late due to these things. We are considering not going to Walmart anymore due to the things that we hear and the things that we know. The question is does lower prices really beat out the way they treat their employees?

Walmart, hard decisions

  1. Tom says:

    As you know, we usually do not shop at Walmart, for a variety of reasons, but we have and we would in the future if that is where we needed to go. Just a heads up that there is a concerted effort on the part of the union movement to discredit and attack Walmart for their own reasons. They cannot, by law conduct a boycott, but they can create a climate for “secondary” boycotts in an effort to organize the employees. Remember that their efforts are not about the workers, but about power (money) and they have found a forum and unfortuantely some ammunition. Be sure what you hear is true and not filtered by someone’s personal motives. I can assure you that life at Walmart for their employees would not be appreciably better if they were unionized. What they get for “free” today would come with a price in the future.
    Make your choices for your own reasons, but do not fall into the trap of following a “movement” because someone is manipulating you for their reasons, not yours.

  2. Marcus the Bronco says:

    Hi Jeff-

    I would encourage you to make up your mind about Walmart based on any criteria you desire. After all, this is America, not Amerika!

    For me it is purely a matter of convenience. If I am coming up West Otsego Lage Dr. and on the west side of I-75 then Walmart it is, if I am going to Family Video, then I go the Carters. Glens is usually the last place I go because of the traffic and location, although I certainly like Glens the best for it’s hospitable atmsosphere!

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