New Orleans Mayor Says God Mad at U.S. (AP)

New Orleans Mayor Says God Mad at U.S. (AP): “AP – Mayor Ray Nagin suggested Monday that Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and other storms were a sign that ‘God is mad at America’ and at black communities, too, for tearing themselves apart with violence and political infighting.”

While this isn’t a defense of Pat Robertson (I’ve made my thoughts pretty clear on that subject in a previous post), I do think that the mainstream media should cover this just as much. While the AP has carried it, NBC Nightly News said nothing about it and where are the liberal bloggers and organizations who chastise Pat Robertson for his wild sayings? Is there a double standard? I only bring this up as someone who tries to be middle of the road in politics, though I admit that I can lean to the right.

That being said, after a recent study in the book of Amos, an Old Testament prophet, I wonder out loud, if the engineers and scientists that warned of the failure of the levees with a greater than category 3 hurricane in New Orleans were God trying to use “prophets” to tell us protect those who are in need. I say this because one of God’s main reasons for Israel’s exile to Babylon was that the rich cheated the poor when it came to food. I’m not in a position to say that God brought Katrina due to America being “bad”, but when you follow the money trail of the New Orleans levee boards (not all of the money was to upgrade the levees), the Army Corps of Engineers, FEMA, the state of Louisiana (with not acting quick enough), and the city of New Orleans, they obviously weren’t doing what they were supposed to be doing. Helping those in need. That’s not to say that individuals didn’t try, though.

So where does that leave us? Because of my atmospheric science background, I used to point out the flaws of global waming, but after celebrating my 11th year since being in Antarctica and the data that I have seen pointing to man’s contribution to global warning, I am inclined to agree now. So are these scientists the prophets, sent by God, whether they believe in God or not, for the next set of atmospheric disasters?

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