International Politics – The French Need a Rethink

I was reading this story in The Christian Science Monitor.  It was about how the French need to rethink their idea of integration of immigrants into French society.  How they need to have a “less colorblind society,” but I’m not sure that I agree with that. To me colorblind is what every country should achieve.  

The French model of liberty, equality, and fraternity is what we are after.  However, as I have read reports over the past 2 weeks, it seems to me that while the French were trying to dole out the liberty, they forgot to provide the equality, by not being very fraternal.  The main complaint from the immigrants was the lack of jobs that would be offered to them.  It sounded like the racism that we have and continue to struggle with here in the US.  

So the first problem for them to solve is the fraternity.  If you can love your neighbor as you love yourself, then you are more likely to feel equal to others in your eyes and they would feel equal in theirs.  If everyone is equal and feeling like they contribute to society, no matter what their station in life and we are all going with each other in the journey called life, helping one another, then liberty is achieved as we are freed from the bondage of the wounds of life.

As a Christian, the idea is that you love God and you love your neighbor.  By using Matthew 25:31-46, if you love your neighbor, then you love God as well. Through Christ people are free.

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