Accountability or Blame?

I was listening to the most emailed stories podcast by NPR during the afternoon and one of the articles caught my attention. Brian Unger asks when is the best time for blame. I posted earlier about getting tired of the blame and to just begin to help and heal those who need it. I agree with him in that those officials that caused the bottleneck in supplies getting to the region should be held accountable.

My biggest problem over the past week was that it seemed to be only the Feds that screwed up (however, if you listen to the timeline that NPR (part 1 and part 2) put together you will realize that it was at all levels) and that was all we were hearing. There are times, and now is one of those times, when I’m glad I don’t have my satellite TV service anymore. The 24 hour news networks hammer things over and over in a droning mantra, no wonder people get depressed with the what goes on in the world. I’m content to hear periodic news summaries and see the news from time to time at work, not to mention, that’s about all I have time for.

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