M&J – The Question

I would have posted this earlier, but the schedule was getting crunched again. A lot of people have heard this news, but for those who haven’t…

It is amazing how God will give you something that you weren’t sure you ever thought that you’d be allowed to get, or in the scheme of things He gives you something even greater. That’s the way that I feel about Mary. God gave me her to take care of and He gave her me to take care of while we are on the earth. Well, things have progressed along well in the last 8+ months. Enough so that I was getting the feeling that a question was to be posed. I was waiting for God to let us know when it was time, and he answered. I can’t say that I can pinpoint what it was, other than questions asked by people, a series of events recently, and the feeling of peace that only comes when your will and God’s align. My only thing was that I didn’t have a ring. However, when I sat her down to ask her to marry me, I already knew that she didn’t need a ring then and there (we have since purchased a ring).

Anyway, I asked Mary to marry me and she said yes. So we are to marry on 23 September 2005. Yes in about two and a half months we will tie the knot. There are many reasons which deal with our schedule for the month of October and the fact that her lease runs out on her apartment 1 November. So we have run into a time crunch. Of course, we are looking at a rather small low key wedding so that we don’t have to go into too much debt. I’m low key anyway so we aren’t trying to get to wild with this.

So we are getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M&J – The Question

  1. Marilyn Sievert says:

    Jeff and Mary

    We were so happy to hear the news! Congratulations to both of you!

    Marilyn and Wes

  2. Tom says:

    Way to go Dude…and Dudette…be anxious to see you and the ring…is Wednesday still a possiblilty?


  3. SLB says:

    Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you both!


  4. Brendon says:

    Nice, congrats to you two.

    So that date’s solid? We can buy tickets now? 🙂

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