The Jeff Show – #2

Life as story

What I am reading

What did we get for Christmas?

  • Mic stand!
  • Steelers watch.

What did I learn this season?

  • our story is crazy
  • We forget that God became a man and started out as a baby
  • We treat unmarried mothers so horribly wrong – The Nativity
  • Very few of us would recognize Jesus if he came this way again

New Schedule at work

  • Pros – start end times
  • Cons – 4 person rotation – 4weeks

The Jeff Show – #2

  1. Tom says:

    Hey…the sound quality is great. You have a great voice for radio. My critique is to tighten it up. You can talk about any topic you like, of course, but you need to be more succinct to keep the audience “with you.”

  2. Jeff says:

    Yeah, I haven’t developed my show notes well enough to so that I have a better “script.” I need to detail out what I am talking about so that I keep to my time. 1/2 hour could be okay as long as I don’t babble for 15 minutes and talk about what I wanted to for 15. seems that what I did. Well, I’m getting the editing of the sound files down. LOL.

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