The Jeff Show – Podcast #1 Pre-Christmas!

I’m trying to work on getting myself on working up a podcast. Not sure how regular it will be. I’d like it to be once a week, but it will be less than that, for now.

I’ll upload it to my Microblog for hosting, and provide the link on my main blog (here) for the main show notes.

So here is what is on my mind this time.
  • Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead – The Reboot Website which goes with the movie.
  • New schedule for us at work. Looks good for now, but down side is every 4 weeks will  be the mid/evening.
  • Christmas is coming. I’m not as cynical as I have been. I still wan to try and do something with the Advent Conspiracy.

Listening to it on after I recorded it, I’ll leave it as is, but I’m looking at ways to do a little post-production to clean up the recordings. I’m still learning Audacity.


Update! Let me know if this link to the podcast isn’t working. I’ll provide a direct link to my microblog where it is hosted for the time being until I can figure the issues out.

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