Pre-production has begun

Well, with a mere $549, I will own an Eee PC. On this pc is a built in Web cam and I think a microphone. Because of this, I may take a stab at a few things for podcast/vidcasting. It may not be pretty, but it will get me to see what I need to do to get everything rolling for my audio and video productions. So I have opened a account . So keep watching the blog for new stuff.

Pre-production has begun

  1. Rev. Jeremy Smith says:

    I knew I liked you, Jeff. I have an eeePC (the first edition) and it is my best friend. Take it anywhere, boots in 30 seconds, can blog, sermonize, or whatever.

    You’ll enjoy it. The webcam is okay, not great, but will get the vblog done.

  2. Jeff Lutz says:

    Thanks. That’s what I’m looking for, to be able to do more blogging, weather and youth ministry type, and being able to take it with me.

    Also, I agree with your WeeMee avatar comment. It’s cool.

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