Blogger’s test bed site has podcast and video things

I’m pretty psyched. Blogger has added enclosures and video to their Draft Blogger. This is kind of their test bed or beta test or something. I tested placing video on a post here. I’ll probably still put stuff on YouTube, but I’ll probably put some of the stuff here with pointers there. We’ll see where it goes. However, the thing that I am really excited about is the ability to put links to enclosures so that people can subscribe via RSS and listen to a podcast. I already have a Podshow account where I can upload the shows. I also have a Feedburner account for Mary’s and my various blogs that can be used for a universal RSS feed. So, another piece of the puzzle comes into place. I’m just short a decent microphone and a computer that will allow me to record well. The current computer is beginning to show its age (it is Jan., 2001). In computer age this is getting a little old and it is beginning to slow down due to memory and it is maxed out.

Also in other news, a friend of ours who needed a place to live will begin to rent the old house from us. This will help out immensely. He moves in this weekend. So hopefully, the financial problems of the last month or two will be easing a bit.

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