Being an Emmaus Board Rep

I had the privilege to participate in a recent Walk to Emmaus as the board representative.  Somehow, in the three years since my Walk to Emmaus, I have been elected by the community and then recently elected as the president of the board.  This kind of blows me away, and something that I don’t take lightly, as I must continue to humble myself so that I can remain as a servant to the Northeast Emmanuel Emmaus community.  

As the board representative, you are tasked as the quality assurance person.  There is a manual for putting these things on, even outlines of what the 15 talks are about.  It’s not a legalistic type of job as you can follow as the spirit prompts, but with the rigid time schedule, there are certain things that need to take place for a smooth walk.  Not to mention that there needs to be some way of consistency for each walk.  

Many times in the past, the board representative was known as the “bored” rep.  I probably take a bit more active stance on this.  I make sure that the manual is being followed, but I do try to pay attention to the talks to glean new insights from the different speakers and from the pilgrims themselves.  Interaction in a community is key to it being healthy and vibrant, which I happen to think we have in ours.  Do we have problems from time to time?  Sure.  We are all human beings with temptations to try and sway us from our mission as Christ’s hands and feet, but as a family of God, we do try to make this place a commUNITY (emphasis on the Unity).

I’ve kind of gotten off of my topic of how great the men’s Walk was now one week ago.  We had 20 pilgrims with many evaluating their walk with God and realizing that there needed to be a course correction somewhere in their life.  It is awesome seeing people wanting to draw closer to God.  Now to work on the next set of walks in the fall…

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