Choir is coming to an end…for now

I have been in choir now off and on for the past 35 years or so. It started as a 5 year old in a kids choir at the Audubon United Methodist Church just outside of Camden, NJ. It continued until I was 18 at Fennville UMC. The next few years were spotty as college, and a job with odd hours deterred me from continuing with something that I have always loved doing. I finally was able to get into a choir regularly in 1998 when I moved to Jackson, KY. There at the First United Methodist Church, God “spoke” to me and I served Him with my voice.

Then next year (1999), I moved to Gaylord, MI and joined the choir at the First UMC of Gaylord. I was floored when the first year that I was in the choir they asked me to sing a duet in the Christmas cantata. Things have moved well since. However, this year will be different. With me getting married, and with that kids, I am now seeing that I will have to take a hiatus. In a way God “spoke” to me again and said that its time to retool and put my energy into the youth groups and my new family.

I once heard an interview with Amy Grant about one of her albums that was made up of hymns. She remarked that it was the hymns that taught her theology. Well, in a way, it has been the same with me. The words of the songs that I have sung over the years are in my heart and has helped me get to where I am today. So this hasn’t been an easy decision, but after much prayer, I have come to a peaceful decision. Now I have to tell the choir later today. Those of the choir that know this is coming have been supportive. However, being a somewhat sentimental person, it is a little hard to let go, but God is always here, and I know that while I won’t be singing now, I will be back in the future.

Choir is coming to an end…for now

  1. Amy says:

    This got me all misty….

  2. Jeff Lutz says:

    Me too…

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