Podcasting – I’m looking for the news

I’ve been looking for a just news podcast feeds as of late. It’s been hard to find. I can find lots of opinion type podcasts about the news, but no mp3 files of the news. I know that for late breaking news, that a podcast doesn’t work, but I’m just looking for a news summary. I found one here at the Denver Post. They give you the choice of all the news or the just segment you want. Becuase I’m just looking for the National/World news that’s typically what I download. Currently, they don’t have a RSS feed, so I have to download it manually. I wish that the national NPR site would do that with their news; they only do audio streaming. I noticed that Northwest Public Radio does podcast, but its usually regional news. WCMU doesn’t do that here, except for a few features. I’m may look some more later.

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