A meaningless blog post, but I’m having fun

I recently purchased an AM/FM radio Headset. This has been particularly fun to use as I can walk in and out of the house with my little FM transmitter plugged into my Dell X50 PDA and play music or my latest facination podcasts. So this has given me some freedom around the house on my days off as I work inside or outside the house.

As far as podcasts that I listen to:

ARRL Audio News
The Catholic Insider
Daily Source Code
ICM Raw Podcast
On the Media from NPR/WNYC
CBC Radio’s Quirks and Quarks
Rip and Read Blogger Podcast
Science @ NASA
Skinny on Sports
The Godcast Network
The Living Word
The Whole Truth
Rev. Tim Podcast
And so many more!
WGBH Morning Stories
Denver Post National/World News summary
Mars Hill Bible Church(sermon)
Gaylord Community Church (sermon)

I’m hoping to get the churches sermons online as well. We are beginning to the website going. I’ll let you know when that’s up and running.

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