YM – Why do we cover up and cut ourselves off? Part 2

So in my last post I stated that, as people, we cut ourselves off from a community
that could helps us if we get plugged into the right network at the church.

I guess that there are, currently, 3 people that have crossed my life
over the past couple of years where that is pretty evident.

1. A single mother, who is having trouble hearing from God, while her
child with ADHD begins to have fits of rage for no apparent reason and
is at the end of her rope. She commented that someone said that to
her that God won’t give you more than you can handle (a pat answer sure
to drive off someone going through which to them is something
insurmontable). However, she continues to withdraw from church and cut
herself off from God, by cutting herself off from the people who are
being used by God to help her and probably give her the support and
resources she needs.

2. A college student, who was at least in my estimation was strong in
the Lord as a high school student, and is now unsure of the path that he
is to take as he weathers the storms of life outside the home of his
youth. Again, when asked he usually covers up and says things are fine,
but when asked to help with a bible study, said that he felt that he was
bringing shame to Jesus. He withdraws from a community that could help
him with finding that direction, if not explicitly, then at the very
least implicitly.

3. A divorced friend who is still dealing with the wound of the
divorce. They had gone to a counselor to get help for things, and in
the course of the sessions said something that their spouse found
irreconcilible and due to their connections at church have withdrawn
from the community that could help and give support.

I know all three of these people. Do the situations seem familiar to
you? While I can only identify with one of these people(although I know
all three), my heart aches to help them be reconciled to the God that
loves them and give them the support that they need to heal and become

That’s the main thing, as Jesus said, the two greatest commandments are Love God and Love people. Showing that love to people in a way is showing your love to God. Helping them to become reconciled and whole is what God wants us to do. So if you have gone through something similar to what others have gone through, don’t cover up. Allow them to help you find for yourself what God did for them to make them whole.

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