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I’ll start off saying sorry to all of those who read my stuff. I have been so busy that I haven’t had a chance until now to sit down and write what it going on…

Fire weather is spinning up for the season and I was planning the annual spring meeting as well as putting together a talk for the MI – DNR. I still have work to do in this area, but the main thing is done.

I get a little side tracked (in a good way) with my current state of relationship bliss. Mary and I are doing well with the blooming relationship that God has given us. We just past the 4 month mark a few days ago (March 8th), which I keep telling people is like some kind of a record (Actually, I think 6 months is the all time record for me.). So You’ll probably hear me crowing about that in two more months.

I just go finished with mids yesterday (March 10). It is so good that they only come around every 7 weeks. I now have to get the rest of my leave requests in for the summer so that I can go on the Senior high’s mission trip and The Alive festival (we usually do Ichthus, but do to scheduling conflicts, we found a good substitute.).

I’m also beginning the preliminary work, for our church’s website (with the help of others).

I have also gotten the revelation/bug/inspiration to create more Sunday School/Youth group/Church instruction curriculum. The inspiration came in the form of the NOOMA videos. They are a series of short films that teach about the Bible. Mary and I have watched the 10 that are currently available and have written out notes. Paul Block (our youth pastor) and his wife, Lisa, currently have them and will be doing the same. I will compile and edit the notes into a study guide for us to use. Mary and I are quite excited about this.

I’m also listening to podcasts, this should make the radio networks and possibly the TV networks, if they are paying attention (there are v-blogs) nervous as this grows. There will always be room for radio and TV, but the way it is programmed, I think is about to be totally remade, as the internet and the growing ways to send information over the internet, show how amateurs and niche performers will find their way into the mainstream. (Can you tell I’m excited?)

Also, my new PDA is working wonderfully, and shortly, I’ll have a new keyboard for it as well. I won’t be slaved to the desktop to type up these blogs entries.

Hopefully, on Monday, I will work a little on my website and revamp some of it. Until we get the church website going, I’m going to start posting the mp3’s of our church services as well. Hopefully, I’ve got a good line on how to set up the RSS feed for it so that we can podcast it.

Mom, Dad, and Rosebud are on a long trip out west in their RV. Dad has been able to blog from time to time (some KOAs have wifi!) while on the road. They’re a good read.

So, I guess I should slow down…nah.

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