Some Ham Radio Fun

Currently, I am sitting in the NWS office that I work at doing a ham radio special event. We have this special event recognizing our ham radio severe weather spotters during the first weekend of December. It is a great way to have fun while going into sleep depravation. Although, I’m kind of immune from the sleep depravation this week as I just finished my round of midnights.

I brought my radio in that I can only use a bit as I’m only licensed for the VHF bands. I’m hoping that in the near future I can learn the code and upgrade to General and get on the HF Bands. I can only operate on HF when we do these special events, because there is a control operator who is a General or above in class.

We are making contacts with radio amatuers and many of the other NWS offices nationwide. It’s fun way to spend 24 hours.

Some Ham Radio Fun

  1. Tom says:

    You have been offering me some ham radio Kool Aide to drink ever since you got back from the Pole…They are offering Ham Radio beginner classes in Holland this winter…and, yes I am condsidering taking them. Aleene asked what I would use for a radio and I smartly replied…”one of Jeff’s ‘old’ ones.” Got any cast off radio’s Jeff? I know you have lots of wire!

  2. filzer says:

    nice to hear about your work..
    you are priveleged, as you are a ham
    and ia m not, coz i am not aham
    but,i wish….

    can you help me plz…
    i am from india reachable at

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