Now Madonna feels persecuted?

I read a news blog from time to time called Religion News Blog. They scour the news sites from around the world and post articles on other world religions and cults. Well, this article was interesting. If you aren’t familiar with Kabbalah, in a nutshell it is Jewish mysticism that is all the vogue with the spiritually inclined Hollywood types who aren’t into Buddha or Scientology. Anyway, the material girl is a little miffed at the press for not understanding her.

“Yes, it irritates me when the press criticize my beliefs. Because what I would really like is for people to do their research and try to understand what it is I’m trying to study and understand,” she said.”If they did that, then they’d have a completely different view. I wonder if they’d be less irritated if I was studying existentialism. Maybe they would.”

Sound a little familiar? At least the press likes to pick on other religions other than Christianity. I’m sure that the problem is that the press look at what your life is like and whether it measures up to what you believe. So for Madonna, it looks like it is hokey until she really starts to show some sort of concrete witness in her life. We all go through that. That’s just life.

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