It Adds a Precedent, but Is It Worth It?

It looks like Jim Tressel will sit out the first 6 weeks of the NFL season before he can help the coaching staff. The reason?


The question is, What constitutes an appropriate action? Tressel broke NCAA rules and lost his job as head coach at Ohio state, but when did it become the NFL’s job to punish people for breaking NCAA rules?

The answer to that question is that it became the NFL’s job when the NFL decided to suspend Tressel’s old quarterback, Terrelle Pryor, for the first five games of this season — the same number of games Pryor was initially suspended for the start of Ohio State’s season, before he ultimately left Ohio State and entered the NFL’s supplemental draft.

Read the rest here. Did we need to sit either of them? They broke the rules in the NCAA, not the NFL, but they both have to sit out several games for what happened in the college level. Not sure that we need that.

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