Pro-Whale Writer Calls Sea Shepherd Stupid

Ouch:  “Let me be clear. I’m pro-whale. I think the Japanese should immediately disband the Institute of Cetacean Research and stop hunting whales in the Southern Ocean. I think the Australian Government should continue to put diplomatic pressure on Japan, and I think Sea Shepherd and other environmental organisations should continue to protest and raise awareness. I think we should refuse to fuel and supply the factory ships, and we should refuse to provide them with private air surveillance support. But this is not “war”. Splashing $1.5 million on a (not very well) armoured stealth boat that looks like something out of a James Bond movie, then sending it to the bottom of the earth to play chicken with a much larger ship is just stupid. “

Pro-Whale Writer Calls Sea Shepherd Stupid

  1. I have watched Whale Watchers on Animal Planet many times. I am a big fan of the show. I think this writer makes a point about spending the million dollars on the stealth ship, however I don’t see the SeaShepherd as stupid. I think just as anyone who is passionate about something they are extreme, and willing to go to whatever lengths it takes for there cause. I also envy there determination, watching this show a few times the thought of “Why can’t I be like that for Christ” has crossed my mind. Good Post!

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