Nothing like being misquoted

Ah, yes. You have to love being misquoted…from the Cadillac News

The 1 to 2 inches of rain combined with the melting snow may result in poor drainage areas, which may in turn result in areas of temporary flooding. Lutz urges residents to call 911 or the National Weather Service lines if they see areas of flooding. The NWS can then issue a warning to others.

“We will see a decent rise on a lot of rivers because we’ve had little in the way of frost. We’re not getting a lot of run-off. It has to do with the rain and snow melt,” Lutz ¨ explained.

“It takes time for the snow melt to enter the ground, and since we had so much snow early, the ground never ¨ really froze. Some surfaces had freezing, but not down deep; it’s only 32 degrees in the first eight inches,” he added.

Either I wasn’t making sense from low blood sugar, or I got misquoted, because this statement contradicts itself. A better explanation would be:

Since the snow came early in the season, we have little in the way of frost in the ground. This will limit the amount of run off, since the water will go straight into the ground. However, we will still a pretty decent rise in a lot of the rivers, due to the rain and snow melt.

So when I rail against the media at times for misquoting people or not completely reporting at story, I like to think that I know what I’m talking about, because it happens to me from time to time.

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