Why I am leaning Republican this election

I guess I would be as some would say cener right in my beliefs. I have a hard time reading blogs that go too much right or left. I liked McCain before it was stylish because when I have looked at various sites on voting records, he has come down in the middle. Do I agree with him 100%? No, but after listening to Obama’s talk at the Saddleback forum, I haven’t fully been persuaded to go Dem this time. I say this time, because I have voted Dem in prez election more than once. However, at this point in the campaign I was dismayed to see that when a pick of the VP enrages the left side of the aisle so much that they must attack family, before they have even spoken.  So when I read Victor Davis Hanson’s commentary I had to share what I think is the most telling reason for the attacks.

Enraged feminists are apparently the gatekeepers for less well-educated American women, who are supposed to have 0-1.5 children not 5! Their husbands must be professors, lawyers, CEOs, editors—not snowmobile champions, union members, oil workers, and fishermen—or, worse, all in one! And unlike a Pelosi, Quinn, or Clinton, Palin, God forbid, did not rely on a powerful, wealthy husband or father to energize her career. Worse still, she took no women’s studies class, never attended the Ivy League, and shoots moose.

Works and Days » Target Palin

(emphasis mine. As Steve Green as Vodkapundit (or was it James Lileks?) said in an interview, they had me at she hunts, the fact that it was moose was the cherry on top.)

I never thought much of Hillary Clinton, until she decided to push stuff as first lady, and I never had any ill will toward Chelsea Clinton. She has been kept out of the limelight by her parents, and didn’t get too much attention, even when campaigning for her mother. So now the Rep. nominate a woman and the coverage to me has sickened me and has caused me to look at the hypocrisy of the left. I want to here about the issues. If there is scandal, like Troopergate, Tony Rezko, Biden’s son, or McCain’s whatever, I’m good with that. However, the family leaves me to continue down the path away from traditional media and the Democratic party.

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