Late night thoughts

Currently, it is 330 am and I'm up. I am preparing myself for my
upcoming midnights. There are so many things going on in my life. Dad
once said that I went from 0 to 100 mph in 60 seconds. Well this day
is no different. However, as I watch the Nooma video "Rain," I
realize that as chaotic as my life is, it will settle, to a certain
extent. God will see me through this period of my life. "I love you
Buddy. We're going to make it. Dad knows the way home." I have had
times when I have questioned God, asking, "Where are you?" However,
this time I have been more aware of God's presence than any other time
in my life.

I guess it's those little winks that one gets from a grandparent,
who's thinking about you. In this case, there have been a series of
encouraging signs that I have been getting. A case in point, the Taize
daily Bible readings to the right. There have been several in the last
week or two that have been giving me encouragement, that God is
watching us and that we will be taken care of.

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