Kaleb now driving

Well, it’s official. Kaleb has now joined the ranks of those who can drive an automobile. I sat in with him on his driving test last Wednesday. He did well. This was actually a retest. During his first test, Mary was riding along on that one, he missed a stop sign on the open road test. A sign that is not the most conspicuous stop sign. I’m guessing that they bring them through the street to see how well they are paying attention. I went this time, partly because I had the day off and partly because, these things don’t make me nervous. While riding along the parent isn’t allowed to talk during the test, which believe it or not isn’t difficult for me either.

Since then, Mary and I have let him use the van and the truck to go to events and run our errands, like picking up his brother. It has been a little less stressful with the extra driver. We have to get together with his dad sometime and talk about a car for him sometime as well.

Karlie’s next, having just turned 15 she asking about when she can take driver’s ed…

My life just keeps moving along at 60 mph.

Kaleb now driving

  1. Tishia says:

    Ought oh Kalebs driving! Guess that means stay off the sidewalks and the roads…..LOL! Just kidding! Man I can’t believe it’s already time for Karlie to take driver’s training too!

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