My mornings

It’s been a while, but things have been moving along with a new dog and family things.

My mornings, as of late, have been set into a routine that helps me for the rest of the day. I get up and shower(that really helps me wake up), get dressed, then take the dog for a 15 minute walk (this has been really good, because I wouldn’t get up early to work out like I wanted to), then I spend the rest of pre-drive time fixing something for breakfast, finishing the download of my daily podcasts and reading the news from overnight.

Once it hits 700 am, I am out the door and I begin my “quiet time.” My drive is 35 minutes to the NWS office, if I drive direct, so I use the time listening to: 1. The Lifespring Family Bible podcast, 2. Pray-as-You-Go podcast, 3. NBC Nightly News (audio), 4. The Daily Breakfast podcast.

The Lifespring Family Bible podcast is a read through the Bible in a year podcast. Steve Webb, the host, has been skipping around some with the Book of John being first then Genesis, Matthew, and now in Exodus. I usually hear this one between Boyne Falls and Elmira.

Elmira to Hayes Tower Road is usually the Pray-as-you-Go podcast. The Jesuits from a monastery in England put together a meditative podcast that runs about 12 minutes or so. They began this podcast last year for the Lenten season and then kept on going since it became pretty popular.

From somewhere along Hayes Tower road, ususally about the time I pass Lake Arrowhead, The NBC Nightly news kicks in. Face it, I’m a news junkie and they did the main thing I was looking for, and that was put their nightly news into an Audio podcast (they now have it in video as well). It helps with a news summary that I was looking for. This usually takes me into work.

I listen to the Daily Breakfast, next. This is done by a almost 40 year technogeek of a RC priest in The Netherlands (no I’m not converting to be Catholic). He mixes religious and secular and technical things to have a pretty decent podcast that runs about 40 minutes.

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