Midnights sap my energy – sometimes

Another set of midnights has ended, and I’m readjusting to being around during the daylight. More sickness has hit the Lutzes of Boyne Falls. Mary started complaining of a sore throat last night before we went to bed and this morning woke up saying that it was worse. Kaleb just got over it a couple of days ago, but now has some stomach thing going on. So far I’m doing well and it looks like Karlie missed it by about a day or so, as she is at her dad’s this week.

Otherwise, things in the village are going well. We had a showing on the house the other day and our agent said that it went really well. The people wanted to look at another couple of places. The only fly in the oinment was that ice fell off the roof and broke the railing on the back deck. That I can fix. It’s times like these that I’m glad that God had me working at Laminations (now Windquest) and went on all of those house repair mission trips with the Gaylord FUMC youth. 03-17-07_1711.jpg03-17-07_1710.jpg

Mary saw Brandon yesterday morning. He is doing well and his letters are sounding hopeful and cheerful. He does worry a bit on when he gets out whether he will be able to keep going. However, with the tone and the sentiments expressed in his letters to us, Kaleb, Karlie, and Trisha, I think he will be ok. There may be a few kinks, but I’m beginning to get a good impression on how he will get through this phase of his life, as I am with all of our kids.

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