The house is taking shape

Unpacking at the new house and cleaning at the old one has been slow going. Our schedules have not been the best the last two weeks. Well, yesterday, I had a day off during a weekend so Mary and I got a lot of things unpacked. We got the office done and now it looks like the spacious room it was meant to be. The walk in closet is almost complete. I got the majority of the shelves in Friday, so now we have all of our clothes off of the floor and hung up. Today, after church, we are going to the old house to clean and retrieve a few items that we haven’t gotten out of there yet. We still need to go to the storage unit in Gaylord, and pick up some stuff for the living room. Keep watching our Flickr site for new pictures. I hope to have some soon. And yes Amy, I have been letting Mary do the decorating. 🙂

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