Catching up

I wanted to get a quick post out to the family telling of our exploits over the last couple of weeks. We started off with Memorial Day Weekend. Mary and I went camping with Ben & Trisha, Mary’s mom, and Tishia, a family friend. Other than a brief battle with ticks trying to invade the camper, we had a pretty good time. Here are some pictures. If you notice that Trisha is pregnant, then you are right. Trisha is just a little past 5 1/2 months and the expectant couple found out the baby will be a boy! (Dad and I joke about the fact that I went from 0 to 100 mph with my family life). So soon, I will be grandpa Jeff, or some sort of thing.

Kaleb has been running track and ended up at regionals as a freshman. He is pretty quick.

Karlie just had her 8th grade graduation as well. Next year High School!

Brandon has been with us this weekend as well as Kaleb and Karlie as we all went to the Big Ticket Festival here in Gaylord. That’s been fun as we have enjoyed some good music and a lot of dust! We’ll have pictures of that on Flickr soon. That’s about it for now.

We do have a fairly good announcement coming up on Monday. However, we can’t say anything yet. (No, it’s not the house).

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