Joseph and Zathura

Two weekends ago was kind of short as far as me getting to spend any time with my family. I not only had to work the weekend, but I had to cover a shift due to 3 people being out with some stomach virus. However, that Saturday, I got home, we played cards, and watched movies. One of the movies was Zathura, which is about two brothers and a sister who play a space adventure game that comes to life, much like Jumanjii.

Then Sunday as Betty Dipzinski was reading Genesis 37:1-11, I had a flashback to the movie. In Genesis, the Jacob/Israel’s kids blamed their problems on Joseph. In Zathura, the 10 year old blamed the 6 year old for all of his problems. If you know Joseph’s story, after a long time, he is reunited with his brothers and the wounds are healed. In Zathura, the 10 year old, finally comes to the realization that he loves his little brother and there is healing between them. A good movie to watch if you are looking for life lessons.

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