So much to write about

Because of my main type of work, I spend about 8 to 9 hours in front of a computer. So when I get home or have some time off, I have to get myself revved up to write anything on the blog as of late. I have a back log of things to write about too. I want to review my Lenten experience. I have 4 different things that I took notes on from Battlecry (Acquire the Fire). I also have the momentary things that go through my brain while driving to and from work.

Otherwise, Mary and I have the house now listed. Yes, we are going to move. We are looking to move to Boyne Falls/Boyne City area so that we can be closer to Kaleb and Karlie, not to mention that Brandon and Christina would be closer (they live in Conway) and Ben and Trisha are planning to move back once they have cleaned up their debts, which shouldn’t be too long.

Once the house is listed on the internet, I’ll link it here. That’s about it for now. I have to get ready for work.

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