The RIAA is its own worst enemy, but will it listen?

Reading the story about the poll on what is causing the downward trend of the music industry.  The RIAA really needs to wake up and realize that with the digital technology available that they need to embrace them.  I know that my biggest beef with them is the fact that they are trying to stop people from recording CDs and putting them into mp3 format.  For me, it is so much easier to by the CD and put it into mp3 format so that I can carry it with me and play it on my mp3 player.  That way, I have the permanent copy of the song, and I can delete it off the player if needed and reload depending on my mood.  I don’t share the files, just because it is unethical for me to give or receive an illegal copy.  The Podsafe Music Network will do what I want, with independent music by allowing us to download mp3s with no DRM, so I can transfer the music onto my compact flash card and play it on my Axim whenever I want to.

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