Christmas 2005

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I haven’t done many personal posts as of late, and today seemed a good time.

Mary’s and My first Christmas together was a great one. It started last night, on Christmas eve as we ventured to Boyne City to Mary’s mom’s house. There we celebrated Christmas with Mary’s mom, brother Cory and his wife Jenny and kids Gary and Cory, and nephew Dustin. We gave personal gifts to each other, then in a rendition of the Lutz table game, we gave gifts again.

Mary and I came home last night got things ready for Christmas day. We got a late night call from Trisha asking if she, Ben, Kaleb, and Karlie could spend the night. Well, of course! The only problem was that I had to leave for work before they got there.

I worked my uneventful midnight shift and when I got home there was my family waiting to open presents. The only other to wait for was Brandon and his girlfriend Christina who arrived about a half hour later.

We then opened the presents, which we did one at a time over the next 2 hours. It was a great time. I survived the time, staying awake until about 1130 am then as the kids all prepared to leave, I headed up to bed.

This evening, Mary and I are just basking in the glow of a great Christmas. Mary remarked that this was her best ever. I liked it too! Time for me to go bask in the glow some more! Merry Christmas to you all!

As we say in Emmaus, “God loves you and so do I!”

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