You can tell where I have been learning theology

There was a link on a post at Wesley Blog about Wesley Blog(a different site). Going through the second blog, I found one of those internet quizzes. Mary and I took it and you can tell, from where our main influences for theology come from. Here’s the result. For me, you can tell that my influences are from the UMC and some emergent church things like YS. I was a little surprised that my charasmatic/pentacostal was on the lower side of things. Of course, Mary and I didn’t understand some of the questions so it is possible that we answered something opposite from what we really believe. Mary said you can tell I married a Methodist. Of course, since she has gone through Emmaus (this is how we met), and that it originally started as a Methodist off shoot of the Catholic Cursillo, there’s no surprise to me that she is Wesley influenced.

As we were looking at the other quizzes we took one on our political view. The result was pretty funny. I am an anarchist with Republican and Socialist tendencies…? I guess that’s why I am a declared independent.

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