Pictures of the snow!

Here are the pictures of the snow.

As Dad has said, Rosie is getting old. She is doing well up here in the north country, or as we have called it in the past “Camp Jeff.” Her only hang up, at times, is the vinyl flooring. Sometimes she glide across it with no problems, and other times (usually if she remembered that she slipped with snow still in her paws), she can be a bit skitterish. However, she has been doing great here. We let her sleep upstairs with us at night. No problems so far. Does miss her tennis ball (i.e. pacifier). We’ll remedy that soon.

Pictures of the snow!

  1. Tom says:

    THanks, Jeff. Best regards to Mary, Karli and Kaleb…have a great weekend together.

  2. St.Phransus says:

    i wish we would get some snow down here in nashville. we just get cold drizzle. 🙁

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